options-caldav-server.h File Reference

#include "caldav-utils.h"
#include "caldav.h"


gboolean caldav_getoptions (CURL *curl, gchar *url, response *result, caldav_error *error, gboolean test)
 Function for getting supported options from a server.

Function Documentation

gboolean caldav_getoptions ( CURL *  curl,
gchar *  url,
response result,
caldav_error error,
gboolean  test 

Function for getting supported options from a server.

curl A pointer to an initialized CURL instance
url string containing the URL to the server. If authentication is required prior to making the call the credentials must be available via CURLOPT_USERPWD before calling.
result A pointer to a struct _response. If test is true this variable can be NULL. Caller is responsible for freeing associated memory.
error A pointer to caldav_error.
See also:
test if this is true response will be whether the server represented by the URL is a CalDAV collection or not.
FALSE in case of error, TRUE otherwise.

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