Version 0.3.0 has been released. This release implement the locking feature which will be used when deleting or modifying if the CalDAV server supports locking. Appart from this there are some bug fixes. See ChangeLog for the compleat details.

A maintainance release released. See project website on
All users should upgrade ASAP.

Today I was able to install another CalDAV capable server - Chandler, so I will now be able to run test against two reference implementations. The other one I use is DAViCal. Apparently Chandler is more strict about namespaces and XML-Schema references which already has unfolded some bugs in my library which I intend to hunt down in the coming days. Stay tuned for the next release which will support shared access to calendars by the use of LOCK and UNLOCK. It seems though, that this feature is not supported by Chandler.

I am proud to announce the initial release of libcaldav.

This initial release only supports VEVENT and only for personal calendars since the facility to lock and unlock an event has not made in into this version. Apart from this all other functionality should be available.

Happy Hacking,
Michael Rasmussen

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